in praise of silly


It’s all well and good to write a serious introspective song that moves people at a soul level. It’s also commendable to write a righteous protest song that people can rally around. But what about a silly, even meaningless song? Can you release the ‘serious songwriter’ burden once in a while and write a funny song? Call it a kids song (for kids of all ages). Whatever you call it, if you make people laugh, that’s another way to reach them with your music.

So take a break from the deep thoughts and let a silly song spill out. Songwriter is supposed to be fun. If nothing else, it’s a palate cleanser, clearing your mind for your next serious song.


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2 Responses to “in praise of silly”

  1. Tom Farr @ My First Axe Says:

    That’s very true. I have three young kids, and I’m making up silly songs for them all the time. They love it.

  2. Nancy Schimmel Says:

    I write lots of kids songs, but what really released my silly was writing songs about the sounds of words for an educational project. Rhyme, alliteration, syllabication, that kind of stuff. Silly-sounding songs for a serious purpose.

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