About Us

My mission is to connect independent songwriters with all the support and resources they need, including co-writers, song-pluggers, publishers, agents, producers, players, workshops, webinars and more.

I’ll share what I’ve learned and point you to some resources. Many of the resources are free and the ones that aren’t are well worth the investment.

I’m an indie singer/songwriter who, after 40 years of writing and playing, am learning that you have to write every day to really improve as a songwriter. I hope it doesn’t take you 40 years to learn that.

– Daniel David Johnson

I want to show aspiring songwriters how to get started, and show experienced ones other options for doing the things they already know how to do. My feeling is that we all learn things our own way — which is good, but we can sometimes get stuck into a mindset that leaves us stranded mentally — which is not so good.

As a reader, take what you need. Feel free to leave comments, whether to agree, disagree or go off on a whole new tangent. We have made it our mission to offer a smorgasbord of choices to hone your craft. Most of all, we hope to encourage those who want to write songs to break the inertia and get started!

I am a bass player who is passionate about music. I love playing music and always have. In fact, ever since I could reach a keyboard, I have been playing constantly, some instrument in some way. It is a very therapeutic time for me when playing; something that lets me escape to a safer, smoother and creamier reality. Join me, won’t you?

– Robert Patrick Coté

4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. andy lorge Says:

    I am looking to have songs plugged. would like to be able to submit a few for plugging.
    what is the going rate for song plugging and how does an independent artist singer/songwriter go about finding a plugger???

  2. Dan Johnson Says:

    I find the best way to find a manager, agent, song plugger or other professional is to get a personal recommendation from someone you know and trust.

    If you can’t find that, I would get recommendations from several people (who you may not know as well) and then interview the song plugger and ask him/her for references. Call all references and ask ‘what one thing would you change about your song plugger?’

  3. Tamara Franklin Says:


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  4. willie lee miller Says:

    how do I go about getting grant call wilie miller 864-285-2472

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