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More juicy songwriting tips

March 20, 2009

24 More Juicy Songwriting Tips

Your copy of the long-awaited second volume has arrived. Fans of the original 24 Juicy Songwriting Tips asked for more and we delivered with Volume Two: 24 More Juicy Songwriting Tips. Includes tips for lyricists and melody writers, tips on how to avoid writer’s block and how to conduct more efficient solo and co-writing sessions.

Formatted like the original for a quick read, you’ll refer back to it again and again. It’s spiral-bound so it lays flat and stays open to the page you want; works well in a music stand and on any flat surface (also available as a pdf file).

Tools, Not Rules

  • Practical tips on every page
  • Use them whenever you get stuck for a word, phrase, verse, bridge or chorus
  • Learn how to prevent burnout and writer’s block
  • Learn how to start with the ending
  • Give your song a (painless) extreme makeover
  • Learn how to engage your whole body in the creative process

Available in two versions – as a digital file (pdf) and as a hard copy soft cover book. With the PDF version you get faster delivery, while the printed version can be carried anywhere. Plus, you can dog-ear it, write on it, read it in bed, in the tub, etc.

The suggested retail price is $19.99 for PDF and $24.99 for hardcopy. That’s what you’ll pay on But for a limited time, Tip Jar readers pay only $14.99 for a digital PDF and $21.99 for a printed copy (includes shipping/handling).

Check out 24 More Juicy Songwriting Tips!

We couldn’t stop ourselves, see more bonus tips at the end of the book.