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Acting ‘as if’

June 19, 2008

These days, many people have heard the not-so-old adage: “Fake it ’til you make it.” Why mention it here? Does this apply to writing songs? You bet it does — here’s how:

More than just pretending to be something you’re not, ‘acting as if’ is a powerful tool to help create a reality for you. Hopefully you can be conscious enough to create something desirable over something undesirable — but that’s part of the process. You must see yourself succeeding at what you want to create, instead of falling into the mind trap of seeing only failure. (Think about it for a minute — do you do that?)

Suppose you want to provide a song publisher in Nashville with hit after hit. So imagine yourself getting a phone message from your contact with this publisher: “Hey Mary! This is Jim at Hitmakers. I’m just calling to tell you you’re on a roll! The tunes you’re submitting are dynamite, so keep ’em coming! By the way, your monthly check is on its way. Talk to you soon!”

Think that’s hokey? How’s your current process working out? Do you even have one?