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Do you really listen to full albums?

May 20, 2013

poodle DJ with headphones and 4 turntables

I used to love listening to complete albums – a set of songs meant to be listened to together and in a specific order. I hadn’t thought about that for a while until I saw this NPR blog post which asks,

When was the last time you really listened to an album all the way through, from start to finish without interruption?

And my answer, I’m ashamed to say, is a long, long time ago. Not only would I listen to an album all the way through way back then, but I would listen again and again, not only to those that I fell in love with at first listen, but also to those that didn’t grab me right away. And many of those non-grabbers grew on me with multiple listenings.

Now, I listen to single songs, jumping from iTunes to YouTube, in between answering emails and doing a million other non-musical things. If I can give my full attention for an extended period of time to a movie or a concert, why not an album?

What about you? Do you ever listen to a full album, start to finish?

See the full NPR post:

Mubla 2.0 – fans help in songwriting

April 7, 2010

We keep reading about more and more direct communication with fans. Is this where it’s heading?

February Album Writing Month

August 7, 2008

We seem to be on a roll here, finding a variety of innovative ways to ignite the creative spark and get us out of writer’s block. The latest is February Album Writing Month or FAWM.

Each February, FAWM.ORG forges a collaborative community where musicians of all walks and skill levels write an album’s worth of material in the shortest month of the year (roughly one tune every other day). Hundreds of musicians join in for this high-velocity and crazy-fun musical collaboration every year.

So-called “fawmers” are a motley mix of music professionals, students, homemakers, and folks who work dayjobs but rock nightclubs. In addition, FAWM sponsors other songwriting exercises, such as the 50 song challenge.


July 30, 2008

Album-a-Day is a project run by Tom Murphy VII, as part of his Crap Art movement, that was founded in 2001. Musicians must write either 20 minutes of music or 30 total songs within a 24-hour period, taking no ideas from before that period, and not allowing any re-writes of any music once recorded. It is a project set up to reward creativity and quick thinking, instead of the usual musical process of rewrites and polishing.

Murphy collects the completed albums on his web page, and has accumulated more than 300 to date.