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Staff Writer

September 29, 2008

Want to find out what it means to be a staff writer? Read this book. The chapter titles alone are intriguing and the book delivers on its promises. I finished it in about two hours.

If You’ve Got a Dream, I’ve Got a Plan by Kelley Lovelace (subtitled How to Get Your Songs Heard by Music Industry Professionals and Get your foot inside a closed door business) is a quick read, but it’s so full of practical information that I’m sure I’ll keep it close by to read again and again.

The author lays out the nuts and bolts of how it works being a staff writer in Nashville. Although his focus is on Nashville and country music, much of it applies to the music industry in general.

He asks all the right questions and gives straight forward, thought provoking answers. Here are some examples of the questions. I wish I could reprint the entire book here, but I can’t.

– Do I have to live in Nashville to make it as a songwriter?
– How do I get the right people to hear my songs?
– What is a demo and how much will it cost?
– How do I prevent someone from stealing my songs?
– What are mechanical royalties and performance royalties?
– What is a Song Plugger?
– What is a single-song contract?
– What are the advantages of cowriting?

Lovelace co-wrote such hits as “He Didn’t Have to Be,” “Wrapped Around,” “Two People Fell in Love,” “The Impossible,” and “I Just Wanna be Mad.” The book’s forward was written by Brad Paisley.

I checked on and it looks like you can get it new for $2.99, which is amazing and way less than what I paid.