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September 22, 2008

This exercise is akin to collaborating on a song, although the other person or persons involved need not be songwriters.  The concept of brainstorming is not new. BrainSURFING, however, is a little different. Let me describe what I mean.

There are only 3 rules.  To begin, be sure everyone is in agreement on the following intentions:

  • Together, we will pull ideas right out of the ether
  • We will bring forth everything that comes to mind, no matter how mundane, silly, bizarre, or unmusical they seem, and
  • This is going to be fun.

One person will be the designated scribe to write down ideas as they fly.  Better yet, turn on a recording device to capture everything.

Now, start talking about any song idea, concept or lyric and the feelings or images that come with these. Strive to play off each other, adding to and enhancing each new idea that emerges. Be conscious of the rising energy within the group and revel in the good feelings as excitement grows. As Jana Stanfield says, ‘stay in Yes.’

A sense of humor is definitely welcome here, and, although optional, some people will relax with a sip of wine or tea.  It will not detract from this process. (I have personally had a lot of success with Red Bull…) Allow your minds to synchronize and begin to work together.

Feel the rush that comes from connecting and supporting each other with focused communication and keep surfing until the ideas seem to have run their natural course. At this point there will be a wealth of ideas on paper, some useful and some not. But just as important is the exercise of minds linking together in joy and excitement, inviting and nurturing our innate passion and creativity.

Minds working together like this form a MasterMind — a power greater than the sum of the parts — the mind power actually increases exponentially. Be careful…Brainsurfing can become habit forming!

Let us know if you find this exercise helpful, and if you have any that work for you — we’d love to hear about them!

Robert Cote