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New Perspective

June 30, 2015

What happens when this guy puts an iPhone inside his guitar?

Accept credit cards offline

May 26, 2010

Until today, I thought I had found the best solution for indie musicians who want to accept credit card payments for CDs and merch at shows: CD Baby.

CD Baby has a sweet deal, way better than any merchant account you get from a bank. And my band, Soulpajamas, has been using CD Baby’s credit card solution for years. It works and it’s a fair deal. Check it out for yourself.

But today I read about a slick new player in the market, called Square. It’s also geared toward small businesses that can’t afford minimum monthly fees.

With Square, you get a tiny card reader that plugs directly into any device with an audio input jack (like your iPhone). No monthly or hidden fees, no contract or merchant account required. The buyer signs on the touch screen of your smart phone. Receipts can be emailed to the customer.

Don’t get me wrong, Soulpajamas is still selling our CDs and downloads online using CD Baby. They offer great services for independent recording artists and we have no plans to leave. But for credit card payments at gigs (and anywhere else we sell CDs in person) we’re now testing Square.

Why isn’t every indie musician doing this?

Have you tried this?

August 4, 2009


OK, there’s a lot of evidence that the music CD is dying out. In the short run, we still sell some, but the writing is on the wall – CD sales are not going to be a big part of a musician’s income in the future.

Something will replace the CD and it may not be the mp3 or a subscription service like Rhapsody. It may be something that hasn’t been invented yet.

I just read a Wired article about creating an artist-specific iPhone app, just for me and my music, in which I can showcase music videos, photos, games, concert schedules and interactive features. I’ve got to try this.

See Ingrid Michaelson’s app, pictured above. It was made with iLike’s iPhone app toolkit.

Has anyone tried it? What do you think? Click Leave a comment» below if you think this is a lame idea.

We definitely want to hear your comments if you have experience with this. Will people pay to get your app on their phone?

iPhone band

May 13, 2009


Watch and listen as the band known as iBand plays a tune on their iPhones: using a drum app on one iPhone, keyboard apps on two other iPhones plus a live voice.