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Your Christmas Album

March 25, 2009

Herb as Santa

My apologies to those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas. This article is for those of us who do celebrate, even if just in a secular way.

Christmas, at least in the US, has become a big business: I don’t mean the observance of its religious significance, but all the other fun stuff associated with it: family time, giving, decorations, peace, joy, brotherhood, music, movies, TV specials, product tie-ins, artificial trees, home lighting displays that rival Las Vegas and a partridge in a pear tree.

But what does that have to do with songwriting? I’m here to suggest that you consider recording your own Christmas album to sell at gigs and on the web, along with your other CDs. They also make unique Christmas presents.

It’s been long recognized that unlike normal CDs, whose popularity and sales eventually wane, Christmas CDs keep selling, year after year. In a sense they never go out of style, they are perennial favorites.

That fact has been a boon to singers and even more to songwriters. If you write a Christmas song that becomes popular, it will be rerecorded by dozens of singers over the years and will keep you in cookies and milk for a lifetime.

So start now, try your hand at expressing just how you feel during the yuletide season. If the long lines at the mall frustrate you, write about that. If you love seeing the expressions on your children’s faces on Christmas morning, write about that.

Write about what’s wrong with Christmas, what’s right with Christmas, your favorite Christmas memory, a memorable Christmas gathering or whatever strikes a chord for you. Then record it along with some of your favorite public domain Christmas songs, or more of your own originals. Even the Tijuana Brass have a Christmas album.