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Is MySpace still around?

November 17, 2010

Hey MySpace, what’s up?

As most musicians know, Facebook has far outpaced MySpace. While MySpace has 130 million users, Facebook has over 500 million.

Erin McKeown notified me (via Facebook) about this NPR story on what’s new with MySpace. They’re reinventing themselves, refocusing on the category of social entertainment. According to NPR, that’s no big deal.

“MySpace’s new strategy and design are largely being greeted with a yawn.”

According to Nancy Baym, a communications professor who is studying social networks, no one is getting particularly excited about MySpace. Music, TV and film sites are springing up all the time. Some examples for musicians include Bandcamp, Bandzoogle, Nimbit, Topspin, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Noisetrade and Fanbridge, among others. So there’s plenty of competition.

For musicians, the bigger question is, which one do I use? Erin McKeown says “There are so many different places for people to go and get information about tour dates and listen to your music and find out more about you, I feel like I need to have a hand in all of them. MySpace for me, happens to be at the bottom of that list.”

Listen to or read the entire NPR story here.


November 11, 2008


Yes, it’s a shameless ad for my band. I just created an account at ReverbNation and I was fiddling with their banner ad feature. It didn’t appear to do anything, but now I see it posted this photo. If you click it, it takes you to our fledgling page at ReverbNation where you can get a free download.

I got a recommendation to check out ReverbNation from several people, including Ariel Hyatt. Once I get more familiar with it, I’ll post some thoughts.