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good news for people who can’t sing

January 23, 2017


Songwriters sometimes claim they can’t sing. But science says it’s a skill that can be taught, much like learning to play an instrument.

According to a study by Northwestern University, the skill of singing accurately can be taught and developed. And it’s a use it or lose it proposition. You have to exercise the singing muscle regularly.

And singing is it’s own reward. Who doesn’t love singing in the shower or singing along with the radio in the car?  Without even trying, while singing for pleasure, you are getting the regular exercise, not to mention all the other benefits of singing: increased oxygenation, improved heart health, memory, self-confidence, increased IQ (I’m not making this up), improved reading and verbal skills. Read more in the Interlude.

In short, singing — no matter how bad — is a good thing. In fact, it might just make you better. Don’t let the haters keep you down.