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start where you are

December 2, 2015

Where are you right now? I mean both literally and emotionally. Stop and notice what is on your mind right now. You can take your frame of mind at this moment and put it into a song.

How are you feeling? Are you bored, tired, frustrated, content, distracted, ecstatic, lonely, excited, surprised? Whatever you’re currently feeling or thinking about (bills, co-workers, love life, aches and pains, zits) is enough to begin writing a song about.

You know the expression ‘write what you know’? Well no one knows your feelings better than you. And I bet some of your thoughts and feelings can be turned into a song that will be relatable by others who share some of those same feelings.

Next time you’re stuck for a song topic, start where you are.

What’s a Songwriter Blog?

May 15, 2008

My first blog post – I’ll admit, this is an experiment. I want to find out if a blog is a good way to share songwriting tips. I’ve been writing songs off and on for close to 40 years, although I only recently started writing on a daily basis.

That’s your tip right there. If you want to be a songwriter, start writing on a daily basis. Kind of like practicing an instrument, songwriting also takes practice. Probably the best overall tip I could offer a beginning songwriter is: write every day. Don’t wait around for inspiration to strike. This really takes the pressure off, because you’re not going to expect to hit it out of the ballpark every time. Not every session will produce a masterpiece, but over time, the process will produce better songs.

This experiment is a way for me to share some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way. Many were learned at songwriting books/workshops or from classes in other kinds of writing, in music theory, and so on.

And many of the following tips come from a forum called Songwriters Tip Jar, which I started with Robert Cote several years ago. It’s still active and has over 7,000 registered songwriters. The brilliance of the forum concept is that the wisdom comes from everyone and is shared with everyone, unlike the old style teaching, which assumes one person has the knowledge and everyone else has nothing to offer and must sit passively and receive it.

I’m hoping this blog works the same way as the forum, in that you can respond to any of my comments with your own ideas, tips, criticisms or encouragement. There’s a place to respond below.