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Lake Street Dive: Songwriting Masterclass at NEC

November 4, 2015

I had to share this video that combines songwriting and Lake Street Dive. If you haven’t heard LSD, check their many many live videos on YouTube.

Songs performed and discussed:
“You Go Down Smooth” (Olson) begins at 5:20
“Look What a Mistake” (Price) begins at 20:30
“Seventeen” (Kearney) begins at 46:20
“I Don’t Care About You” (Calabrese) begins at 1:06:05
“Let Me Roll It” (McCartney) begins at 1:51:35

After meeting while students at NEC in the early 2000s, Lake Street Dive has catapulted to stardom. NPR notes that they blend “jazz, folk, and pop in dangerously charming fashion.” In this workshop, the band—vocalist Rachael Price ’07, trumpet/guitar player Mike Olson ’05, stand-up bassist Bridget Kearney ’08 Tufts/NEC, and drummer Mike Calabrese ’07—returned to NEC to share its wit and songwriting expertise with students.

Sloan Wainwright

June 1, 2009

Yesterday at the Strathmore in Bethesda, MD, Sloan Wainwright presented a two hour songwriting workshop. Two hours might not seem enough to scratch the surface of the topic, however, Sloan made the most of it and I found it extremely worthwhile.

I wish I could take everything I heard and learned yesterday and pass it on to you, but it doesn’t work that way. The things that struck me as profound may be old hat to you and vice versa.

My take-away for you is, don’t miss a chance to get advice from a pro, whether it’s a lecture, a critique, a songwriting workshop or a full immersion songwriting camp.

Every teacher has something different to offer, and if you keep an open mind, you are likely to come away with some real gems, usable tips and helpful concepts. In Sloan’s case, she demystified the process and ‘gave us permission’ to write with our internal editor ‘off.’ She assigned three different in-class writing exercises that for me, started up the engine, opened up a channel and gave me the jumpstart I needed.